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Review: Bad Boys Don't Play Hero

Young Adult Romance 
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Available: January 17, 2010 
In Ebook Only
4.75 out of 5 stars 
Bad Boy is Hero

Who needs a long story when a short one is more than satisfying? Normally I do not like short reads, I like to take my time and learn every tick that makes the characters’ character. Linda Kage, fast becoming one of my favorite authors, dazzled me with The Stillburrow Crush, and she did it again with Bad Boys Don’t Play Hero. Bad Boys Don’t Play Hero is a short fifty-three paged story about two teens who fall in like. I wish I could talk about some of my favorite parts, but I would give away too much of the story. However, I can divulge some juicy teasers and why everyone should read this story.

On your mark, get set, GO! Ready? Teaser one, this one is taken right off of Kage’s website. “What starts as a desperate attempt to save his dad’s job, turns into an adventure neither Kiernan nor Nick expected.” Bad Boys Don’t Play Hero is romance, and mystery, and part thriller. Interested? Good. The hero in this story is Nick Farrow. Who is Nick? His full name is Nicholas Farrow, Jr. the cute, dark haired, dark eyed boy who steals Kiernan’s first kiss.

The story begins with Nick (cleverly told from his point-of-view) and his cousin-turned-best friend Vinny Delotini sneaking into Tri-Delta Educational Academy’s school dance. The boys, mostly Nick, are curious as to what happens at a “rich kids” dance. Some funny things happen as both Nick and Vinny try to get into the room where the dance takes place. Eventually, Nick makes it in and that is where he meets Kiernan.
Kiernan is tall with blond hair and dark eyes. Nick is smitten with Kiernan the moment his eyes catch the glimmer of her golden locks. Teaser two: Kiernan and Nick share a dance, and it becomes known to the readers just how much Nick likes Kiernan. His thoughts are hilarious, and I was surprisingly happy at how Kage depicted the inner ramblings of a teenage boy.

The drama unfolds soon after Nick and Kiernan are dancing, which leads me to teaser three. Kiernan, the “I’m sorry” girl let her nervous nature get the best of her and needs to be escorted outside by her handsome ‘hero’. I really enjoyed this part of the story because Nick and Kiernan (although brief) really make a romantic connection. Their communication inside the dance was sweet, but there is something about the seclusion and intimacy of the outdoors that allows for the two to connect on a romantic level. I would insert a smiley face right about now!

Teaser four is upon us, I really dislike this part and it is not because of Kage’s writing, however, it has everything to do with what happens in the story. Can I say one thing? Kiernan’s dad is not a nice man and he says and does some things that will not make any reader happy. I so wish I could continue on with that aspect of Bad Boys Don’t Play Hero, but I must contain myself.

After Kiernan’s dad enters the story, the mystery and thriller plots are told exclusively in Kiernan’s point-of-view. I think this was a genius move of Kage’s part. The story, because of its short length, really needed two voices in order to balance it out. Kiernan’s reactions to Nick are sweet, funny, and a little bit heartbreaking. Please read this story and find out all the fun and exciting twists that happen in the end.

To conclude, Kage somehow managed to write an entire two-hundred-plus page story into just fifty-three, and it works. She cut out the fat, the words that were not needed, and gave the readers a short, yet very sweet tale of two teens, from two very different worlds, meeting and falling in like. I say like only because love is implied. I like to think if this story were longer love would blossom within a few chapters. I highly recommend this short story be read. Bad Boys Don’t Play Hero does not disappoint!

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