Monday, February 7, 2011

The Perfect Peeta?


The Perfect Peeta.... if there is such a thing!

In light of another actor name drop (Alex Pettyfer) who may play Peeta, in The Hunger Games movie, I have decided to vent my frustration.

It's not like I have anything against Pettyfer, I honestly don't know much about him. My frustration stems from my own doubt of casting Peeta. Is there really going to be an actor who fits Peeta, perfectly? Am I going to be completely satisfied with the casting? I really cannot say.

In this article (see below) Alex Pettyfer's name is now on the "Peeta Radar" are we happy about this? 

Alex Pettyfer may be in talks to play Peeta in 'The Hunger Games' movie

He's already a fan favorite to play the character of Jace in the upcoming movie adaptation of Cassandra Clare's City of Bones. Now there's buzz that 20-year-old actor Alex Pettyfer has talked to Hunger Games director Gary Ross.

Pettyfer, currently starring in the upcoming sci-fi adaptation of I Am Number Four, recently dished about the possibility he could play the role of Peeta Mellark to J-14.

"I met with Lionsgate. I think Gary Ross is a great director," he said. "I have [read the books]. I'm a very big fan. I just hope they can conquer the movie."

Now it could turn into a war of the studios -- Screen Gems for City of Bones and Lionsgate for The Hunger Games -- and a war of the Mortal Instruments fans versus The Hunger Games fans. And who knows where fans of BOTH series will align themselves!?
Casting for The Hunger Games is still in the very early stages, with NO announcements having been made as of yet. Filming is set to begin later this spring, with a release date set for March 23, 2012.

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Tell me in a comment how you feel about this... and, tell me who YOU think would make the perfect Peeta. [Confession time] While I was reading this series, I did have one actor in my head. He wasn't there all the time, but he was there sometimes. You see, I always pictured Gale as the "hot" one, the one who girls would pick first... but Peeta, he's in the background, cute, yet not first noticed.

David Kross, from The Reader (an amazing movie) is who I thought of.

In the end, I honestly don't know who should play Peeta...

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  1. I don't think I'll be completely satisfied. I never am unless I see the movie before I read the book. Case in point, I think Daniel Radcliffe is perfect as Harry Potter, other than the blue eyes thing. Whereas, I think Robert Pattinson isn't the perfect Edward. He's growing on me, but still not my idea of a perfect Edward. I just hope whomever is chosen for Peeta will grow on me too.

  2. I agree that its going to be really tough to find the perfect Peeta. His character is so multi-faceted and its going to be easy for the people casting to just want to get a "pretty face." While I do like Alex Pettyfer, I really don't think he's right for the part of Peeta. He's just to, for lack of a better word, hot. Gale is the hot one. Peeta is the sweet one. Sure he's cute but he isn't so obviously attractive. Wouldn't Katniss notice if her tribute partner was like Gods gift to Panem?

    As far as casting goes I have two people that I like for the part. If they went with a younger cast I would want Callan McAuliffe. He's cute but in that boyish sort of way. Plus he can definitely act. My pick if they're going with an older cast is Hunter Parrish. He's got the right build, and he also has the boyish sort of look going for him. Plus he has the blue eyes AND he can act really well.

  3. I agree with Julia on Hunter Parrish. On the communities, the discussion is always regarding Gaspard Ulliel playing Gale, and that's a good choice according to me, but really- when it comes to Peeta, I can't think of anyone who would fit him perfectly. But I don't somehow think Pettyfer exactly fits my ideal of Peeta. I still havent gotten over the disappointment of Pattinson playing Edward and hope this isn't another one of those greatbook-sorry movie repeats. Great post by the way, Cynthia!


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