Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review: Goodnight Tweetheart

4.5 out of 5

In a brilliant move, author Teresa Medeiros wrote a book about a Social Networking website and it pays off in sure “follower” greatness.

I never would have imagined the website Twitter could be used as a central frame for a quick witted, and romantically heartwarming, story. Medeiros’s book, Goodnight Tweetheart, is crazy good. I loved it from its first Tweet to its last one.

Famed literary author, Abigail Donovan has nowhere to go but down when her first novel is the runner up for the Pulitzer Prize, and on Oprah’s stamp of approval list. Thinking she can pull off the great achievement of winning the Pulitzer, Donovan sits down to pen her newest novel; however, she never gets past Chapter Five. In other words, her novel flops, and her writing agency sends her packing… well, they send her packing after the set her up with a Twitter account.

Twitter, one the top Social Networking websites, is a great way for Abby to interact with her readers; and, hopefully she can be inspired to finish her novel. After writing her first Tweet, Abby is “followed” by a man named MarkBaynard. Baynard, a witty English Literature Professor, who happens to be on sabbatical, teaches Abby the ins-and-outs of how to Tweet and how to love? Yes and no.

Goodnight Tweetheart is almost entirely comprised of Tweets between Abby and Mark. This may seem odd (and it is), but it’s also a new and exciting way to read a novel. Goodnight Tweetheart follows the two lead characters through their journeys around the world, and their journeys through love, loss, and hope.

Seen through the point-of-view of Abby, I felt connected to her. She’s a great character. Abby is funny, witty, silly, and lovely. As much as I loved Abby, I wish I could have known Mark’s character better. When Abby and Mark were not Tweeting, Abby’s life was seen; but Mark’s was not. Towards the end of the book, I wished I could have known Mark better than I did. I felt like Goodnight Tweetheart would have been a lot better if his character could have been given a louder voice.

Overall, Goodnight Tweetheart will make the readers laugh-out-loud, or “lol” as they say in Tweet-world; it will make the readers cry, and it will make the readers smile. Pick up a copy, Bookhearts!

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  1. This is the book that got me to start Tweeting. From there I discovered how great blogging it. All thanks to this great book. :) Great review!


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