Thursday, May 19, 2011

Discussion: "Perfect" Summer Reads

The day is warm, the sun is bright and blazing; lemonade (or iced tea) is at hand, but one thing is missing; the "perfect" Summertime read.

I don't know about you guys/girls, but I always use the term "beach read" and never really stopped to think about what it means. How would I define something as being a perfect "beach, summer" read? Ummm... this is, usually, where my brain dies. Maybe I haven't had enough lemonade, or maybe the lemons were too sour and my brain cells drowned. Yep, I'm known for the dramatics...

To me, the perfect summery/beachy read is: Any book that is as engaging as it is quickly read. I want to be entertained, but I don't want to have to think about it too much. Literature books, begone! Perfect beach reads are smart, witty, electric, sassy, spicy, etc., without being too heavy.

So, I ask this question of you: 

  • In YOUR opinion, what is the definition of the "Perfect" Summer/Beach read?
  • Do Summer/Beach reads need to take place during the Summer, or on the beach?
    My answer, no. I've read many books throughout the Summer that have nothing to do with "summer" and have quite enjoyed them. However, it is more fun to read books that take place during the season I'm reading them. The ambiance and atmosphere are effectively captured if I read a book about Summer during Summertime. Have you ever tried reading a blazing hot summery book in the dead of Winter? Yeah, that story was not as believable.

    In the end, I think any book that I enjoy (no matter what season) is a perfect read, but a "Perfect" Summer/Beach read is definitely a book that is enjoyable & easy to read.... and maybe it takes place during the Summer... on a beach.... with a big floppy hat!

    • What book are you planning on reading this Summer?



    1.  A beach read to me either needs to me have romance and be light and funny, take place on the beach, or take place on the beach and have some drama.

    2. What a perfect discussion, now if only I could get this dumb weather to cooperate so I could actually start my summer reading! My definition of a summer read is definitely similar to yours. I want it to be a cute, fun, easy read. It would be nice if it included a romance as well ;) I don't want to have to think a lot and I want it to be relatively short so I am not spending whole weeks of my summer on the same book! It is not necessary to have the book take place during summer or on the beach but if it just so happens to, I wont complain. Great post!

    3. Annette @ Annette's Book SpotOctober 1, 2011 at 3:22 PM

      My summer reading usually isn't that different than my year-round reading. Except I do like to take some more stereotypical summer reads when I go on vacation to the lake. We do a lot of sitting on the beach, and it's nice to have some beachy reads for that. I haven't picked anything specifically, but I haven't read The Summer I Turned Pretty, and that series, so I might try that. I also like to read some adult thrillers, since I mostly read YA stuff, so that usually goes in the pile too.


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