Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday [30]: My Favorite Book Covers of 2012

If you are fond of lists, especially Top 10 lists, this feature is the one to go with! Every week, the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish post a topic of their choice. Participating bloggers are asked to list their top 10's. I like to participate whenever I can. I love this idea, and often go a little crazy with adding 15, even 20 in my posts. Hehe!

Top Ten Books: Covers of 2012 {so far}
The gist of this was to make a Top Ten list of my favorite book covers. I decided to use the "Top book covers of 2012" and shorten it down to just January through March. So, my post has my Top 12 book covers of 2012, so far!

Listed in pictures {no links} & not listed in order...

Yay! These are my favorite book covers of 2012, so far. Any of them make it on your list? Too early to say. Opinions? Comments? Drop them below.



  1. I've got The Fine Art of Truth or Dare on my wish list all because of that cute cover!

  2. Gorgeous covers - my favorite from your list is Dragonswood.

  3. Dragonswood was on my list too and I LOVED the book! Here is my Top Ten

  4. Lots of blogs giving props to Cinder today! I love that book! Love that cover... I wonder what the sequels will bring?

  5. Lots of great picks. Love them all:)


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