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S.O.S. [3] Books Are Comfort Just Like Teddy Bears

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Hi guys, today I write this post absolutely heartsick over the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. All day yesterday I felt sad and utterly helpless. Heaviness pressed on my heart, and even when I found myself smiling, or laughing, I immediately felt guilty. It was definitely a day to reflect on all of the good things in my life; those things that I cherish. We only live once, so we need to count our blessings and live each day to its fullest. With that said, I wanted to talk about books and how they bring comfort.

Like the title says, books comfort me just like Teddy Bears. I can snuggle with them, because let’s face it. True book nerds’ love all up on their books! I hug mine, I kiss it, I talk to it, etc., you get where I’m going with this. The point is, over the years books have become a true friend to me. When I’m in need of comfort, I can always turn to a book and feel better. There’s something about slipping away to a different place that takes my mind off of the present. Even if for a little while, that escape is all I need to regroup; inhale a refreshing breath; and be happy for a little while. Books are more than just books.

One of the biggest reasons Twilight means so much to me is the comfort it brought to me when I needed it. My dad passed away in August of 2008, after years of crippling illness. I spent an entire year wandering around trying to put my life back together. The biggest lesson I had to learn was how to be happy again. Sometimes the guilt over laughing and smiling made me retreat. I didn’t want to be around people anymore. However, in May/June of 2009, I slowly started to come back. I was smiling, the real smiles, and laughing from the heart. It came naturally again. I knew (and still do) that my dad would have wanted me to be happy. I couldn’t turn into a shell of a person. I was still alive and needed to live… the point of this is: In June, 2009, I rented a movie called Twilight. At first I thought it was pretty good, so I watched it again, and by a week (or so) later I was hooked. I hunted down all of the books and devoured them. At that time, I had never read YA.

Reading the Twilight Saga changed my book life. This Saga wakened something in me that I didn’t even know existed. I found myself falling in love with book characters, and all of the possibilities reading adventures could take me on. This Saga will always be close to me for this reason. At the time I read these books, I was approaching the one year mark of my dad’s passing. I cannot express in words what it feels like to lose a parent. It’s heart-wrenching times infinity. I still ache at my dad’s loss, but it doesn’t hurt as bad as it did in the beginning. I can smile, I can laugh, I can remember all of the good times, and I can read books.

Books, to me, are a place where I can escape real life for a time. I can immerse myself in a far off land and be taken away on a magical journey.

Today’s post is all about book love and the comfort they bring. When I’m hurting I know I can count on a book. Unlike some friends, books never fail me. They're always waiting to wrap themselves around me in a big hug. Most of the times, I like to pull out one of my favorite books because reading those familiar pages, seeing beloved characters again, and re-falling in love with the story is like being hugged by a fluffy Teddy Bear.

---What do books mean to you? Do you turn to books when you need comfort? Which books do you hold dear to you? Have any books helped you through a trial in your life? 

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